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AMD FX 4300 H55 corsair cooler temps

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ok recently I OC'ed my 4300 to 4.8. ran stable.. ish.. AIDA64 had some issues running at times. lock ups, but AMD overdrive and CPU-z stress test ran alright. but in DS3 while playing it clock up to 69 degrees, ran ok but that seems rather high temped, just wondering what are acceptable running temps on a OC 4300 on a closed circuit cooling system... im upping the fans to Corsairs SP120 2350RPM fans to run in PnP on the rad. hopefully will drop the temps a bit

this is running on a Asrock 970 Extreme 3 R.2 Mobo in a RV04 Silverstone. 16Gb Ram and various HDD which don't really equate into this... PSU is a thermaltake 750 lite. so cable management is like spaghetti. im just wondering if this could be either mobo has issues with various OC's or is it lack of positive pressure or insufficient cooling. I haven't seen anyone else do a OC on this board or in this combo so im kinda flying one eyed with the OC settings, if anyone has some info would be much obliged. this is the first time I done some OC'ing I had it stable with a 8hr run on 4.3Ghz but for some reason my web browsers seemed to be laggy as did League of legends to load up. but dark souls (yes that rage inducing game of cancer AIDS and death) ran fine. also I did go into MSconfig and set it to all 4 cores all the time.

at one point I had AMD overdrive just OC'ing 2 cores and it stayed under 55 degrees but for the life of me I cant get it to repeat this action, it now insists that all cores must be the same, even a individual OC on cores would be nice to do for better fine tuning

so im open to info and suggesting's.. please no ******* responses only really going to listen to helpful people

Keelah Sel'ai
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Thermal Limits
CPU Core - 62 Celsius
CPU Socket - 72 Celsius

what kind of voltage are you running? How is your case set up for air flow? If I had to guess at this point knowing very little of your setup I would say your cooler isn't running properly. Another note is that motherboard isnt really build for serious overclocks. I was running an 8320 in a 970 chipset motherboard and could only keep the cpu @ 4.3 reliably. WIthout knowing much its hard to give you a good answer.

edit: i posted the thermal limits on the core/ socket so 69 is getting pretty dangerous.
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