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Problems with New TTIAN X (Pascal) and 369.05 Drivers and More

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I Recently bought a new Titan X (Pascal) and Dell Gaming S2716DG 27.0" Screen LED-Lit Monitor, with the help of some of the kind forums goers here.

However I now ran into some problems...

Current Drivers: 369.05 desktop win8 win7 winvista 64bit international whql
GPU Make and Model: TITAN X (Pascal)
Overclocked: No
GPU Make and Model: Intel Core i7-980X Extreme Edition 3.33GHZ
Overclocked: No
Motherboard: ASUS Rampage III Extreme LGA
Primary Monitor: Dell Gaming S2716DG - Connected Via Display Port cable
Secondary Monitor: SAMSUNG SyncMaster 2494SW - Connected via DVI cable
OS: Windows 7 Professional

(The build from my profile is currently not updated with my new Titan X and Dell Gaming S2716DG monitor)

Problem (1):
The Nvidia Control Panel is missing options.
Before I installed the new Titan X and drivers, the NVIDIA control panel had a wide range of options, but none of them seem to be appearing anymore.

I have already uninstalled the old drivers, used Guru3d's Display Driver Uninstaller, and reinstalled the new drivers.
At one point I even went so far as setting a group policy to dissalow automatic installation of drivers.

How do I get these missing options back?

Problem (2):
When I boot up, the SAMSUNG SyncMaster 2494SW is detected as my primary monitor and the boot process is displayed through it.
How do I set the Dell Gaming S2716DG monitor to display as the primary monitor and have it show the boot process?

The Dell Gaming S2716DG monitor has a 15 second sleep timer and if I don't have it set as my primary monitor on boot, it goes to sleep and is not detected, unless I "wake it up". (And I already contacted Dell, there is sadly no way of turning this feature off.)

Problem (3):
When playing a game or running an application in "Windowed" mode my FPS drop to about ~25 and will not go higher unless I set that application to full screen non-windowed mode. This is a problem, since some of the work I do requires me to quickly switch between applications.
I did not have this problem when my previous ASUS GTX 680 card was installed.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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I ended up contacting support and have some bad news...

1.) I am using a USB Displaylink device, which is not compatible with NVIDIA drivers, and causes the NVIDIA Control Panel not to show advanced features. If I unplug the Displaylink Device, the control panel begins to show its advanced features.
-Lesson Learned: Check connected USB devices for driver compatibility issues.

2.) Currently there is no fix to this problem and NVIDIA stated that they will not be issuing a fix.
So I am screwed here, and will have to play the "keep my monitor awake" game while it is booting. (Or buy another monitor that has a Display Link Port.)

3.) This problem can be solved by making sure the monitor is awake, at all times while the computer is booting, up until it is detected by the Operating System.
This issue can occur if for any reason, if the monitor goes to sleep before the drivers are loaded.
(They are not 100% sure of what is causing this, only what mitigates the problems.)
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