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4790k overheating issues

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Im sure you have all seen something like this a million times but im kinda lost here for my specific problems. To give a little back story i ran a userbenchmark and it showed my CPU running normal, but my ram running way below expectations. come to find out, i had ram sitting in the wrong spots. fixed it, also mentioned to turn on XMP if i wanted to. I Turned it on. After which i decided to look at my CPU stuff for whatever reason. it was running @ a constant 4.4ghz with a fluctuating voltage, and it was getting hot in games. 80-90c+ during load, 45-50c idle. so i managed to fix my fluctuating voltage and constant 4.4ghz. now it runs 800mhz CPU and .100 volts on idle. However, during games it would still get upto 90c in some cases in CSGO.

Since i have had so many problems in the past with my CPU cooler not being seated right from the very beginning( i have had the pins pop out 3 times) i decided today to take off my cooler, re apply the paste, and re seat the cooler to make sure its done right this time. im aware that it could take some time for this new paste to take effect.

For the solutions for the time being i have done this

-Reapply paste
-Re seat cooler
-Undervolt to 1.0000
-Turn off turbo boost
-Set max freq to 4.0ghz on all cores
-I have a stock intel cooler
-3 intake case fans
-2 exhaust case fans
-Set a fan curve for CPU and case fans

Idle = 40-50c
Load = 60-72c (csgo load)

I dont feel like this is a solution to my problem, i feel there is something else going on that im unaware about. i understand that haswell runs hot, i understand stock cooler isnt good. but i also understand that my CPU should not get to 90c+ while gaming even on stock cooler.

I am really lost here and i have no idea whats going on with this. why must i undervolt and underclock my CPU to not run hot?
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You shoud buy watercooling
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