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Hello all,


We have recently decided to retire the AMD and Intel Build Log forums in an effort to better consolidate content. The AMD and Intel Build forums where put into place when the forums were first conceived but time has moved on and the need for two seperate sections for the same content type is unecessary.


As such all content from the Intel & AMD Build section is now being moved into this new section. Please feel free to post your Build Logs whether AMD or Intel in this new unified section. We look forward to seeing what you guys bring as always :)


Sorry for any inconvenience caused during this content migration.







The new formatting requires new build log threads to be equiped with the tag of the type of build the user will be making in their titles. Here is a list of the builds and a short description of each to help users select the right tag.

[Build Log] for general build logs

[HTPC] for Home Theater PC builds. Builds connected do your TV with the purpose of running movies, series and videos.

[Silent] For silent computer builds. Passive builds, low RPM fan builds, if your build is aiming for silence and you’re taking extra steps like open-cell foam or other dampening methods.

[SFF] Small form factor systems is for any build that is less than 20L.

[Server] Is for server builds. Rackmounted servers or any server build.

[Scratch] Cases that are created from scratch. Designed then created by the user to suite their needs as best as they can.
[Other] Your build doesn’t fit with any of the above tags? If not, then use this tag. You can always PM any of the section staff for help.



[Case Mods] is for builds creating custom work on their case, bigger side panel windows, custom brackets for hardware and other mods.

These can be posted here :


[Sponsored] A sponsored build is that you have had Official backing from a brand who have sent you specific components for use in your build or you have had Official backing from a brand who have provided you with finances to complete your build. Post here in the Build Log area and alert one of the staff members of the section (bottom of the sub-forum) to move the thread.

These are found here :