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Need a temporary GPU recommendation

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Long story short I managed to knock what I believe is a capacitor off of the back of my Palit GTX 970 and I have no way to repair it (I'm willing to try and soldier it back on, but I don't know whether it will work, or if I should trust it)

Pics if anyone is interested, or has a solution: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

That's what I believe is a capacitor

That's it compared to the card, and the tweezers are pointing to where it came from

This really becomes a problem because I have an x99 based system, so no GPU no PC mad.gif And my back-up GPU is also non-functional (I managed to kill it, trying to see how far I could overclock it in an old pc. I was thinking, you know, I'd never need it so why not have some fun)

Now I need my PC so unless I can fix my 970, I'm going to need another GPU. I have no money at the moment, so I need something cheep to last me about 3/4 months ,until I can afford something more permanent.

I use to computer for programming, rendering, and 3D work, with the occasional gaming session (BF4, Starbound) and only at 1080p. So any recommendations for a cheap replacement card? I don't mind second hand / used, just as long as it will last the few months I need. I've done some browsing online, and haven't found anything suitable yet (Price I'm willing to pay for the card etc)

Edit: Probably should have put, I'm willing to spend about £100 max, but cheaper is better

Oh and I'm in the UK smile.gif

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and if this post violated any rules, please tell me and I'll change it smile.gif
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Have you tried using it as-is? Those capacitors are often just used for power filtering, and the card can sometimes run without. If it doesn't work without it, you could try shorting across the contacts with something conductive, and see if it works that way. I wouldn't necessarily recommend that as a permanent fix, but for a couple of months it may suffice.
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I was concerned to put it back in without the capacitor, in case it decides to go out with a bang and take something else with it. I can barely afford to replace the GPU let alone the whole pc.

Someone told me that these specific capacitors are not polarity sensitive, so I will probably try and re-solder it on when I have a few minutes tomorrow I'll update if it works.
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