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How does one go about increasing the power limit i have a 600W PSU and a Gigabyte GTX 760 and can only increase the power limit to like 108% and voltage to +12 mV which is not enough for overclocking imo if i try increasing clock speeds etc. w/o changing voltage ( about +50mhz on core and +175 on mem) and run a test the Kernel Driver crashes how do i go about this or should i not overclock at all?

Note: Yes i did see that post about increasing power limit in afterburner but for the life of me i can not get Rbby258.exe to work with afterburner so i can increase voltage it just keeps saying error. using Afterburner version if that info is of any help

Side note: From what i read it's BIOS limited to 108% power increase but i for 1 don't know how to flash a bios and 2 don't think i want to do it / be able to do it

Note I lost Count: Saw people getting over 140% power limit on a 760 so it should be possible right?

Thanks in advance, Cheers! smil3dbd4e4c2e742.gif