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Seeking expert confirmation on overclock safety

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Hello. I'm relatively new to the overclocking scene. Last time I played around with this was with an Athlon TBird to give you a reference (early 2000s?)

I'm writing just to confirm my overclock is not going to give me headaches down the road. I'm running stable, cool, and passing Real Bench ~15 minute tests. If this is enough to go by, no need to read further! I just want expert opinions on whether or not this computer can sustain this overclock for the next several years without degrading performance.

Intel Core i7 5820k - Core Speed @ 4536.18 MHz (1.3v) 125.03 MHz (bus) x 37 (mult) CPU SA V 1.02 Purchase Link Amazon
This is running at a sustained 70c during Real Bench 100% max load ~15m. During 3DMark Time Spy and 2-3 hours straight of gaming(low overhead games like overwatch/wow/diablo3) I'm never exceeding 60c (Corsair Link from h115i)

Corsair Vengeance LPX 32gb (4x8gb) DDR4 DRAM 3000MHz C15 Purchase Link Amazon
This was "overclocked" with the bus increase to 2666mhz - I'm pushing 1.4v to them currently as I was originally trying to push to 3000mhz but cannot get my setup to post using XMP so left this where it was.

Although the above parts are all I'm currently overclocking/pushing extra voltage to, I figured adding some of the other components might help get a solid answer:

MSI X99A GODlike Gaming Purchase Link Amazon

SuperNOVA 1600w T2 Titanium Purchase Link Amazon

Corsair Hydro Series H115i Extreme Purchase Link Amazon (Running on "Performance" as an exhaust at top of Corsair C70 and is obnoxiously loud fyi)

Geforce Titan X (Pascal) Purchase Link Nvidia Running completely stock other than fan curve which is allowing me to run around 65-73c during gaming marathons.

I could get into my fan/airflow setup if required but I'm not done with it quite yet.

If there is any other information that will help me to know that this is a sustainable OC and temperature read for the processor and ram (before working on any GPU/VRAM clocks) then I'd be happy to share.

I'd also like to mention that I went from knowing very little about overclocking to knowing quite a bit after three days of binge reading on forums like this. I appreciate every single one of you for creating a community for knowledge transfer. Cheers! thumb.gif

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I figured adding snaps of my BIOS configuration might help as well (including CPU-Z feedback layered on top)

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And one more SS of 3DMark Results:

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