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Hi Folks:

I'm satisfied with my RIG 505, though I had to replace it after a month.

My problem with this particular model of headset is that the breeze from the fan I keep running all the time produces an audible whistle loud enough to compete with my voice, and trip TeamSpeak's voice activation.

I've attached a windscreen from my fourth, and now dearly departed, Hypercloud X to the RIG 505's with a rubber band.

This works, but the fit isn't great. I'd like a wind screen tailored to the pencil sized dimensions of the mic boom.

Any idea where I might find a wind screen for this headset?

On a related topic. I seem to be a serial killer of headphones.

It's hard to keep count, but in the last two years since I purchased my ASUS G750, the top model, I've gone through 2 of Turtlebeach's cheapest headsets, 4 of the Hypercloud X headsets and I'm now on my second Plantronics RIG 505. The Hyperclouds will be going back, I have 3 months on their warranty.

Some have lost speakers and some have lost mics.

Any idea what would cause this problem?