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Hello, im somewhat new to overclocking but I have read a lot of guides on the subject.

My specs:
Motherboard: MSI z-87
CPU: Intel i7-4770k quad 3.5 GHz
Water cooling: H100i v2
Graphics card: GTX 780
Windows 10
16 GB RAM, not sure about the brand at the moment

Early this year I started off with windows 7 and a stable overclock where i only adjusted the core ratio from 35 to 43 (3.5 to 4.3 GHz) and the voltage if i remember correctly to 1.24.

Then I tweaked it a little bit to run a stable p95 stress test for around 16 hrs or so with a max temp of about 85 C (Idle temp is around 40 C and 65-70 C under heavy gaming)

It then worked fine without any problems for around 5 months until Windows 10 decided to auto update my PC and after that it always restarts just one time and then works fine.

When i start my PC it always boots up Windows and works fine and about 5 mins later it reboots and gives me the options to either change the boot settings or run the bios setup, i then go into bios without changing anything, and press save and reboot, and then it starts up and works fine no matter for how long I keep it on.

So have anyone had the same problem?

I have now lowered the the core ratio to 42 and tweaked the voltage to around 1.23 and again run a successfull p95 again but the reboot keeps happening.

edit; the ring ratio is set to 39 aswell

Thanks in advance .