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i7 6700k Temps Jumping by 20°C

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I just built a new PC yesterday and I was installing all the new Software when I decided to run CoreTemp to see the CPU Temperature. I noticed that the temps jumped from around 29° to 52° on different cores while idle.

I am running a
i7 6700k
Phanteks TC12DX_BK

At first I thought I applied the thermal paste wrong or left an airgap or something, but I took it off and reapplied the paste after cleaning up the old paste, but still im getting jumps in temps.

Is CoreTemp No Good?

I updated Flash on Motherboard. I updated to latest Intel Drivers.

I am not using a dedicated GPU. I am using the Intel Integrated Graphics for 2 monitors.

I'm kinda freaking out cause i have never seen temps jump like that before.
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You can try realtemp and speccy to confirm it 100%

Other than that I had the same problem once and I found out my CPU cooler was bent/heatsink was leaning and wasn't straight. So it didnt really cover the entire CPU In a good way, it was leaking air that made these jumps in temperature happen.

Even though you checked the thermal, did you look at the actual CPU cooler if there was anything unusual with it? Mine was literally doing the Michael Jackson lean, was hard to spot at first.
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I just tested out RealTemp and yes it is still spiking to low 50's.

I did not check the Cooler for any curves I might have to remove it again.
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Just took mine out of the box to take a picture to show what caused it for me: http://imgur.com/xpecbfr

It was very subtle and hard to spot but yet it still had that effect just because it was very slightly bent. It's a good idea to check indeed.

You might be able to spot it without removing it, just rest the case down somewhere on a table or a bed and look around.
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I ended up getting another CPU Cooler. I got a Corsair H80i v2 but it's still saying the temps are jumping.

at 25% Load it was saying that the temps were in the mid 60's.
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Monitor full load always and see if it gets anywhere near dangerous temps.

Googling around gives me links where people are apparently saying this is normal for the 6700? Gotta admit I've never seen that before in my life. Unfortunately I have a 6600k. But mine doesn't spike.


I can't think of anything else than this being intentional from Intel for some reason. CPU temperatures, specially jumps like these has always been based on the cooler/thermal, but now that you have tried two different ones, then something else is going on and this is out my line of expertise.

But I can definitely say that if in full load it doesn't jump, let's say from 55 to 80 for a few seconds then there shouldn't be anything to worry about. Hopefully somebody else can chip in.

Post this at Intel forums aswell and see if some employee can give his opinion on this (they will most likely tell you to run the Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool)
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That's strange.

How are your temps under load?

59C still isn't that hot, however, if under load its hitting 100C than that could be an issue.
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I decided to change some Bios settings, and told the ASUS Motherboard not to try and reach past it's stock voltage, I ran Prime95, and in the first test the temps were averaging 55°C on all cores, the spikes seemed to stop or became rare. After the whole test the temps seemed to stabilize.

I believe the paste needed to be "broken in" (Not sure if thats the best term)

I also made sure that the tension on the water block was also as tight as possible.

I'll do some more tests today to make sure it stable but I'm much more relieved that it isnt spiking like it was yesterday.
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