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I recently bought a 2GB 7870 Power Color video card on ebay for $41 shipped as parts / not working. The problem is the video card will display artifacts 2 thick vertical green lines from the right and left side of the screen. So I took a gamble and bought it anyways, removed the cooler and the bracket, put it in the oven to bake it 275 - 300F for 8 minutes. Then I waited 30 minutes for the card to cool down, put on fresh layer of TIM and cleaned the stock blower type cooler, re-install the cooler back on and the card worked without any issues. I was so happy and I also overclocked the card to 1100mhz core and 5400mhz memory for the fun of it. It worked fine for 24 hours and then today I was working in my office, then the whole screen turned green and I have no choice but to turn off the computer. As soon as I turned it back on, the 2 thick vertical green lines is there again, then I disconnect the power from my PC, plug it back in and not it works fine again. Should I maybe try to bake the video card one more time to see if it works or should I simply just sell it back on ebay to avoid more troubles? Any thoughts guys? redface.gif

Specification of my office PC

Dell Precision T5500
Xeon x5677 3.46ghz 4/8 turbo to 3.73
12GB (3x4GB) DDR3-1333 ECC RAM
Dell 875W Power Supply 80 Plus Silver
2GB Powercolor HD 7870

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