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I told you you're cluless in gpu overclock. That's not a shame we all learn. But saying you successfully overclocked before and you should be doing it right is not true. Who told you before to max voltage to overclock?
No one gonna put a tutorial here for only your case. Read about how to overclock Pascal before you try and fail.

You actually do max out the voltage with these cards because even at max voltage, you never go above 70C. I'm at power limit and 65C most of the time on my GAMING X card. 1.093(or something like that) is the max voltage, and that's not enough to cause the card to overheat. I've ran my card with fans turned off and it only got up to 80C(only throttled 25ish MHz like normal)

To the OP:
You're not going to see 2GHz unless you increase the voltage/power limit to max.
Just increase the voltage/power limit to max and slowly increase the frequency of you core/memory until it's boosting to around 2100 MHz. If you crash/get artifacting, lower the clocks a little bit.