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From what I remember the faster Hz memory can kind of be used with Slower / Older machines due to higher threshold.

Current machine(s) use/ require - PC3 1600 12800 /

Which of the following memory should I buy for better future usage / future compatibility (pop it into a newer faster machine if needed) and performance.

Now adding some new parameters that just started reading about.

DDR3 L - Low voltage -

So the 1.5V stuff will work at both 1.5 and 3. What about this 1.35V that I am seeing?

Do I choose Higher Hz v/s Lower CAS when price difference is not much? Better Global Life time exchange/ replacement warranty?

Above 1866 the prices are much higher.. I am thinking G.Skill 1866 might be a good choice? Curious?
204 pin SODIMM:

3 V

1.5 V
1.35 V
Are these all under DD3 - SODIMMs