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I have an almost 5 years old Vortex III elite with crossfire 7907ms. One of them died (the one from the main slot) so I swapped the other one on the main slot. All good but the problem is that even if I'm not doing much, the fan from the empty slot kick is and just runs in loops (starts, stops, starts etc.; you can hear it). Also I have noticed that it mostly kicks in when I play a video or a movie and the GPU temp just locks in at 69 degrees for some reason, voltage at 1.0V from 0.82. (I'm not overclocking or anything).

Now I did try to disconnect the problematic fan but after doing that, the laptop shuts down by itself after a few minutes..

What should I do. Or at least, what seems to be the problem? I have tried with latest drivers as well, used DDU, same story. I just want it to not go to 1.00 V for no reason and start that annoying looping sound.