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Hope someone can help with this as its pissing me off after weeks of searching. I have an XFX Pro 1250W BEFX black edition psu running on the older Seasonic platform with the stupid 12-pin psu side pci-e connectors. I need sleeved white cables. Bitfenix list their Alchemy SSC psu kit as compatible but they don't include 12-pin GPU cables in the box, only 8. I presume compatibility is based on the CPU and 4 pin molex aspects of the kit. The 650mm 24 pin ATX cable may be too short for my Inwin 909 build as well. frown.gif

ModDIY do a sleeved GPU cable{47}Black).html?setCurrencyId=1 but I can't find info on the quality. I need 2 of them as the XFX psu only does 25A per PSU output and my 295x2 needs 28A per 6+2 connector. Thats $62 + shipping to Ireland for the 700mm version. I can't use extensions as the Inwin is tempered glass on both sides and I want it to look pro.

I've contacted Ensourced and he said he can't make cables for this PSU (lightning fast response from him which was awesome).

Am I just better off selling this thing, getting a later platform and partially offsetting the cost of the new unit with cheaper off the shelf cable kits or are there better options which don't cost the earth? Cheers.