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sorry i am a little later but what you need is an titan x water block dude . i am using it on my very same card . works great .

hopes this helps and i am not too late
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Let me be absolutely sure...

You have the EVGA 980 TI Superclocked+ card with "EVGA" printed on the PCB by the slot contacts?

Not the EVGA 980 TI Superclocked, but the Superclocked+?

Not the EVGA 980 TI Superclocked+ with "NVIDIA" printed on the PCB by the slot contacts?

I want to be sure, because EK seems to not know themselves...

This is the selection in the EK Configurator:

This is what is available if I choose the one without "EVGA PCB"

This is what is available if I choose the one with "EVGA PCB"

But the images they show don't seem to show a difference between the nvidia and evga pcbs...?

I'm not sure *** is going on here, but I'm not buying anything until I understand.
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The response from EK Support:

Dear DixonCider

Thank you for contacting us.

Can you please be so kind and tell me the exact and full name of your cards and a PN number if possible?
Without that information, sadly I can't tell you exactly which water block is compatible with your cards.


But you probably have this one, right?

If that is the case here, than sadly as you can see in the link I provided, we don't have any compatible full cover water blocks for this card.
We can only offer you our universal VGA water blocks for them - https://www.ekwb.com/shop/water-blocks/vga-blocks/universal-vga-waterblocks

Best regards, Igor

So yeah, nothing for the EVGA 980 TI SC+.

Now I'm waiting on a response from Aqua Computer about this:
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So i have this card http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814487142
it appears to be the sc+ version
with the water block mentioned . it has been working for over 7 months with ocing no issues .

i can not verify the lettering near the pcix bord it is currently in system and i can not see it .

hopefully this helps .
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give me a minute . ill shut down and pull it to look . now i am curious .thumb.gif
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SOOOOOOOO !! I went ahead and pulled the card and I do indeed have the one with evga
pcb as well as the sc+ . So yes I can verify that that water block will indeed work for you .

hope this helps dude ! thumb.gif
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Wow man, Thank You So Much!

It's like EK doesn't want to sell it to me...

In that case I'm going to go ahead and order three of these for my cards.

Did you use the backplate that came with the card, or did you buy the EK one?
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i am using a ek back plate as well . fits good .
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