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As I am going to buy a Thermaltake Core P5, a 60cm case that should be standing on the desk
I need a larger desk to have a lot of space for my case, keyboard, mouse, screen and speakers.

This case is specifically for show when there is water cooling stuff in it, that's why it needs to be standing on the desk.

Preferable sizes:
Width: 160 - 170cm (6'3 - 6'6)
Depth: 75 - 90cm (2'9 - 3'5)

I hate when it's too narrow, I like when i can navigate with the mouse and keyboard with a lot of space in between.
And for the depth, I want it minimum 75cm, I hate it when the screen is too close for my eyes.

Simple style desk
Maybe something to hide the cables like on the IKEA desk in the link below.

Something like this, but this one is only 150cm. It's not large enough to fit my screen + speakers + case

I don't know if it's the right sub forums, so if it's not, I'm sorry.
Thank you very much
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