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Oh that's cool, didn't even know you could do that, thanks for the information.  
Thats pretty much the only thing I know about PC building, and its purely from observation, thanks for watching out earlier with your first comment.

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Yes, with specifics depending on your CPU sample and what your definition of stability is.

The last few hundred MHz a part is reasonably capable of will dramatically increase power consumption and heat production, so a part that needs a pair of 360 radiators in a custom loop to be fully stable at 4.7GHz is probably going to be ok at 4.2-4.3GHz on high-end air.

I see.

Sorry to put you on the spot but I have been struggling with this question for a long time now. Its my first ever build, I know I will overclock it, at the same time I can not afford EK or Swiftech coolers. If you were building a PC, with multiple gpus (blower style) would you go for D15S or X61?

The case is Enthoo Primo by the way.

Many thanks!