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So iy been years since iv overclocked ao im a bit rusty. But I tried and need some advice.

I adjusted by bclock and was able to raise it to 205Mhz on the i7 870, and then I can adjust the multi and ram.
But one thing was odd. After I set the multi, the cpu seems to random throttle down when at 72c from time to time. I think thats a bit low to start throttling.

Also About the QPI link, should it be high? For I was unsure if I should keep the bclock at 205 and the raise the multi. Or if I should lower the bclock down, raise the multi to max and then adjust the block up to max the memory.

Also I have not altered any power whatsoever on the card, all is stock and the ram is set to manual settings. And prime95 is running stable.
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