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Poll Results: EC2-A or EC1-A

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  • 38% (5)
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This is how I grip my G303. My fingers are clawing the mouse, but my palm is resting on the back of it. Switching to this mouse and using this grip improved my aim significantly. I barely even had to warm up to it.

(i know this is off topic, just trying to suggest different alternatives that could possibly improve your game)
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What's the point of the poll, if you already have the EC2-A and don't like it? The only difference between them is the size. If the EC2-A is too small for you, then a EC1-A is going to be better, which in this case, you should have just asked about the EC1.

That being said, I have the EC2-A with 19.5 CM hands and it fits me perfectly, while I can hold the DA perfectly fine I feel it's too big for my taste. And EC1-A is slightly bigger than the deathadder. So if you think the the DA size is "perfect" and you don't find it too big at all, and don't mind something that is a tiny bit bigger, then the EC1-A is going to suit you.
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21/10cm full palm EC1? LOL no way.
With 19cm, maybe. That mouse is a medium sized one so a 19cm hand should be about OK as that's about a medium sized hand.

You shouldn't have a problem with 19cm hand to find many medium sized 128mm long mice. They are most common.
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