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Gaming on dual monitors 3840x1080/ upgrade from 750TI gpu

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I was not considering upgrading my gpu until summer next year but the launch of AMD and NVIDIA mid range cards(namely RX480 and GTX 1060) with all the hype around got me excited, maybe bit too much so feel free to calm me down if options are not yet good enough for what I want to achieve.

Basically what I do today is gaming car games (assetto corsa, project cars, automobilista) at max settings on my 2 1080p screens and it looks good. fps around 30 to 40 which i believe is already good from my OCed 750TI (1350Mhz boost) and OCed G3258 (4.6Ghz).Same applies to FPS (COD, Crysis3,Battlefield)although Crysis is really demanding so I have to set to medium/high to reach 30fps

I have read lots of reviews and benchmarks for the last month, I understand both cards are targeted at 1080p max setting but I need a bit more with my dual monitor setting I mean trying to achieve 60fps minimum at max settings everywhere in that 3840x1080 resolution so thats the 1st question

Do I keep focusing on these 2 cards to achieve this or do I have to go in another territory like GTX1070?

then if the former is realistic, the choices of card models in Japan where I live are not great so that would be the 2nd and key question, which one?

RX480 and GTX 1060 on offer on Amazon


prices are not completely silly when I compare to Europe or even US so I am good with 250 to 300$ budget

I have read the RX480 reference runs too hot so its out of question, they draw more power but also seems to be more bulletproof with DX12 and Vulkan, I guess the GTX1060 founders edition would be OK then but cant find any in Japan and it seems expensive

so I focus on AIB models but again with relatively limited choices especially for the RX480

I would be happy to lean towards AMD with either MSI twinfozr or Sapphire Nitro but they are not available, so the 2 models I am really looking at now are the RX480 powercolor devl and the GTX 1060 MSI twinfozr

voila again, I could calm down and wait for another year observing the market with new products and see prices going down too but maybe some of you guys in the same "Gaming set-up" conditions than me could already provide some good advice.

thanks in advance

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With your monitors, either the 1060 or the 480 are going to achieve 60fps 1080p with a mix of high to medium settings. Note that PCars are Nvidia biased, so it maybe an outlier that runs better on 1060, but either of the choice is going to get you 1080/60. As an aside, if you are satisfied with your current setup, I'd stretch it till Oct/Nov to know what AMD has to offer. If the models that come out then does offer viable competition to Nvidia, you may be able to grab a card that performs better for cheaper
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i can maybe understand the car games but how do you use a crosshair with a bezel in the middle when gaming on 2 monitors?

IMO just rock a 1060 and a single monitor and enjoy the better quality gaming.

Unless i missed something and that is what you are already doing..
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definitively not a rush decision thanks for your comments


i expected such comments I know what you mean, I just dont have the desktop space to run triple monitor set-up right now

my solutions are either using SRWE faking triple screen and shifting main window (its a great and simple piece of software)

or setting the windows position manually while playing in windows mode

the added immersion compensate largely the constraints tbh
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and my desk to confirm

more optimized than that, honestly I cant:o

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