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I recently upgraded to a Sound Blaster Z from my onboard SB X-Fi. I have run into a dilemma of sorts and need some advice. Basically I wanted to be able to use my onboard X-FI for my 3.5mm microphone and my soundcard to output my line in (Roland MT-32). The problem is the line in on the SBZ is either microphone or line-in. So I am forced to use my front port for my mic if I want to use my MT-32 while recording voice. Is it possible to use both sound devices to achieve this? Will there be a driver conflict since I have to reinstall drivers for my onboard audio, I uninstalled them when I put the SBZ in. Right now my front jack works but its really poor quality and there are no enhancement options. I am also using the included microphone I got with the SBZ, since its better than my cheap $10 headset wink.gif