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Pretty sure they do that also, I mean why wouldn't they. They did just that with 2.0 to 3.0, if I remember right they reduced the bandwidth overhead. I think I've also read they'll be power optimizations too.

3.0 is a good update, most of the benefits is on reducing errors and increasing overhead efficiency.
but for 4.0 theres not much on the table as of now.
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Well the spec isn't finalized yet, and let's be honest. If latency isn't the 'big feature' they want to scream to the winds they wont, even if it's something they are working on. I doubt they can raise bandwidth without running into latency issues.

they could improve latency while improving bandwidth, as i've mentioned increasing the base-clock to 200Mhz would double the bandwidth while halving latency.
the only down-side to this is the data path would be shorter, meaning you can't use a very long ribbon cable anymore.

if they truly want PCIe to become much better, specially for SSDs, they have to reduce latency.
similar to a 144Hz monitor with horrible input latency, having high bandwidth would worth less if the device can't respond fast enough.
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