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Looking to price a Corsair 540 SE model. I don't have the factory fan's anymore, however I've replaced them with a better option that most chose with the case, 140 AF140QE in the back and (3) 120 AF120PE up front, all (4) fans come with all their rings. I will also be including a Demciflex filter for the PSU as well as a Demciflex filter that fits on the bottom on the case under the hard drives, had the idea at one point cutting the bottom but never got around to it. I'll also be including a set of sleeved NZXT black extensions, 24-pin, (2) PCI and a motherboard extension.

I realize with asking for shipping I'm getting close to what someone will pay for this case new but then again it doesn't include the extra's I'm throwing in. I'd say overall case is a good 8/10 on overall cosmetics, the case is 18 months old at this point and has been my daily driver.

Curious to what OCN thinks, I've got an Asus DVD drive I'll probably throw in as well just because I'm tired of looking at the thing and the case would be shipped in factory packaging.
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