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Hey guys so i sold part of my rig because i was going to be out of the states for a year for deployment. When i got back i rebuilt it with mostly new hardware. Ill post my specs at the botttem. But im trying to run my 670s in sli. And hopefully surround.
My issue is when ever i try enable my sli my computer gets really laggy. And crashes if i put a load on my cards. If i try to enable surround it will automatically crash.
I've already tried reinstalling windows 10 and i am currently running windows 8. I can enable surround on windows 8 but still not play any games. But during heaven benchmark it crashes in the same spot everytime.
Iv also tested both cards alone and they run fantastic.

My specs are
i7 2600k overclocker to 4.2ghz
Asus maximusVIII extreme
Corsair vengeance 2800 (4x4gb)
Evga 1600w psu
670 ftw 4gb x2
Gtx 640 (physx)

Any help would be greatly appreciated