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hi guys,
i recently noticed that my graphic card's voltage is too low.

i got the palit gtx 660ti (non jetstream)
and the voltage is at 1.00v at its highest point.
the temperatures never reach 80°

after installing palit's software "thunder master" i could set the voltage to +0.162V which ends in a voltage of 1,15V under high load
msi afterburner doesnt even let me change the voltage
a buddy has the exact same gpu which runs at 1,1620
according to gpu-z he even has the same bios version, so this doesnt seem to be the problem

-why does my gpu do that?
-how do i fix it without adapting the voltage each time starting windows
-how do i get my gpu to run at 1,1620 (which seems to be the common voltage for this gpu-chip)

i hope you guys can help me since i experienced a change on how responsive games feel after setting the voltage to 1,15V

thank you in advance & have a nice day