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$20 gaming mouse

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Hi there! I'm planning to buy my first gaming mouse for CS:GO. Budget is around $20. I'm looking for the best possible sensor performance for the price. I don't need side-buttons.
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Checked used maybe or find a legit WMO 1.1a
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Logitech g100s, no doubt. Try looking on ebay/amazon for it.
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For budget, Used would be the way to go.
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G100s or maybe the azio exo1. I haven't used the Azio personally, but some people on this forum seem to think it wasn't a bad mouse and it fits the price range. Just be aware apparently the DPI steps are not what they are labeled as at all on the Exo apparently. While many people suggest MLT04 mice like the WMO I would avoid them. The AM010/3320 in the G100s and azio exo1 borderline don't have a high enough PCS IMO. The MLT04 just flat out doesn't unless you use very high sensitivity. I regularly go quite a bit above the PCS on the MLT04 with 3.2 sensitivity at 400dpi in CS:GO which is definitely on the high end.
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g100s all the way; unless you want to go for someone selling you a used mouse :-P Maybe ppl want to get rif of their g 303s when g pro drops in
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G100s but expect to have failing left click after a few months.

Otherwise, Xornet 2 if you can stand the shape.
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I'll throw in the Tt Esports Talon as a possible candidate. Just be aware though that going above the first dpi step(mine measured 420) is a bad idea.
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Zalman ZM-M600R
... an excellent alternative to the G100s, and a pretty good mouse in general.

Around $25

Feels great in hand, fully rattle-free, sturdy, high quality.
Size and shape btw. almost exactly like the classic Logitech RX250 office mouse...
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