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looking to build a RUGGED FANLESS PC (will be an intel)

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So long story short, I need a rugged FANLESS pc that will be mounted into a trailer... This company is saying lead time is 6-8 weeks... I need it much sooner than 6 weeks and that is when i had this brilliant idea to just build the thing myself.

Now i dont think i can just walk into MicroCenter and buy what i need for this one.

To give you guys an idea of what im trying to do...
-As mentioned above IP60 is a must. The trailer this will be mounted in will be in some harsh weather... It will be sheltered from Rain/Snow but I dont want sand inside my case. I will probably end up designing the case myself on Auto CAD.
-Must put up with 60C (the trailer has A/C but even with it running, I had an HP get to 56C in there)
-Id prefer to have an SLC solid state drive so it will put up with continuous read/write cycles OR eMLC... Were talking about collecting data continuously for days at a time and then packing up and moving to to another place and starting all over.
-I NEED it to run on 24V as well. Most of the equipment we use is 24V.

I just need a place or website to buy this stuff. I am not asking for any help with picking parts (although if anyone wants to put their two cents in, I am willing to hear them out).
As always, any input is appreciated.
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Just talking about survivability you might want to look into ASUS's TUF Series Motherboards, they tend to be the hardest to kill. As for everything else it could depend on the budget, case size, gpu requrements if any, and a 24v to 120v inverter, which depending on power requirements is pretty cheap or expensive.

Newegg as a search/buy place, Amazon might sell cheaper, TigerDirect meh, MicroCenter is pretty good, BestBuy if you can find a cheaper price online bring proof and they match that price if its the same item, and I'm out of ideas.

Edit: forgot to mention some TUF boards come with port plugs and dust covers.
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Budget is whatever... if the PC were $1500, the data this would be collecting (data logger is sending the data to be stored as well as sending letting people look at said data off-site) would easily be worth more. I have something like an axiomtex ebox671-885-FL right now. I would just buy another but they are saying 6-8 weeks. This isnt your typical computer. It is fanless, and has an operating range of 0-60 Celsius (meaning this thing would run in the desert). The one I have now uses Intel HD graphics 4600 and is driving 3 displays (2 HDMI and 1 VGA) They have several makes but I'm looking for RS-485 for example and the lead time isnt any different. Again, the consumer grade components found at most computer stores will not cut it. A server board MAY work... Assuming I can get it to run on 24V without the use of an external power inverter (must get it to 24V inside the case), and as long as i can guarantee it reliability up to 60C (If it is to have IP60 Ingress Protection 6 0 (6 means its no dust can enter, 0 is the ability to keep out water and since it'll be in a trailer, it does not need that ability at all)

Is there a site that sells this kind of industrial hardware in a "build your own" style?

Edit: I walk into microcenter almost daily, they don't carry what I need for this and I doubt best buy will since they don't even have a build your own PC section... Checking newegg. I may be able to get pictures of the current PCs i have installed by axiomtek if thatd help
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Industrial Computers are tough to recreate, Good Luck (Click to show)
The more I look at Axiomek and ebox671-885-FL, I see that If you want to build an equivalent you're in for a tough if not impossible build. If you're looking for something in the same form factor you need something like a pre-built.

Consumer hardware is getting closer to those sizes but for these applications it really is manufactured by the seller usually with no other competitors, in this case by Axiomek themselves. For example I don't think you can buy a consumer case that doubles as the heat sink, unless its completely un-alterable/pre-built.

If it wasn't for the size restrictions it would be possible to go fan-less with consumer products, but the name and implications that "consumer" carries its really tough to make an industrial computer out of them.

I'm not trying to be negative, but you may want to just be safe, order the eBOX671-885-FL-ECM again or buy a Toughbook (MIL-SPEC-watch-movies-under-a-waterfall-drag-behind-ATV-whatever kinda Laptop) with a 24v based charger.
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No disrespect but I refuse to accept that answer. Form factor, I'd love it to stay a mini-ITX but I'm DESIGNING the case and will have it machined. The height of it is the most important factor. (if there is a guide to designing heatsinks as efficient as possible, I'd love to have a look at it) It'll be pricey but the case is not an issue. I've come across sites that sell industrial motherboards(looking at an aaeon EMB-Q87A which runs on 24V). Now just looking for a PSU that can put up with continuously running in a hot environment. I'm hoping this will never see 60C but that's what I am designing it for... BTW, I know I'm gonna go over budget but what I'm saying is this is possible.
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So your question made me curious, looked around and came across this site "Logic Supply". I found this system: http://www.logicsupply.com/atom-gw-01/#specs

Not sure of the exact specs you're looking at, but for a fanless computer (assumed so for IP60 rating) you are looking at Atom / typical Laptop SKU processors. Their site has more variety then the above, under Products > Rugged Computers. However, the one I linked is the only one I could see a clear IP rating.

But it sounds like you're set on building your own anyway, which is really cool. Hopefully those products give some kind of design ideas. I'd love to see a build log if you have the time biggrin.gif
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you know, I came across this a little bit ago, i thought this was pretty amazing, maybe this will help you some how? its military grade modular and its just some super interesting stuff, i saved it for later , in case i ever decide to go this route. Glad I saw your thread, maybe a little altering on this may help?

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The current rugged pc i have has an i5-4590t in it and its doing just fine. Axiomtek got back to me and the board im looking at has an i7 (6th gen but its a 45w processor if i read correctly. shouldnt be an issue). The price is $620 and 2 week lead time so we are getting better.

I will check out that site but mil spec is gonna be even more.
EDIT: The VPX stuff isnt what i would like to work with (for this project anyways). I will be bookmarking that for later projects though thumb.gif
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Very interesting requirements! This sounds like an awesome challenge, and I'm mildly envious of the journey you face.
I'm here to learn and know very little, but here are a few thoughts:

* Will the computer see any direct sunlight?
* I like the idea of heat pipes going directly into the chassis which also acts as a large heatsink to dump the heat.
* Is it out of the question to have an IP67 fan(s) mounted to the case heatsink mentioned above? The Chassis would still be sealed and these fans can run on 24V directly.
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Good questions. No sun for this guy... this will be inside the trailer in a cabinet. While the trailer is running, it will have A/C but out on site it is like 120F so the A/C is garbage.

I think we are on the same page for the fans... Mount them on the fins of the heatsink which would allow the case to maintain a sealed dustless environment inside. My thoughts are to borrow some ideas from the prebuilt ones ive seen. the top of the enclosure is the heatsink.. im thinking throw a 230mm fan on it but what it comes down to is aesthetics and durability.
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