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Might sound strange to ask, I've personally never heard of a laptop stand/fan with speakers included, but I guess considering how most laptops have awful speakers and get really hot since the fan on the bottom of the laptops have practically no clearance to pull air as they're being obstructed/blocked

Well it just seems like a genius idea to combine a riser or stand with a fan and then throw speakers into them.

I found just that!

Deepcool M6

However after reading some reviews, a lot of the people only had negatives things to say about the quality of the speakers. The sound was muffled and hard to hear clearly when people spoke.

If that's true then the speakers are useless!

However now that I have been introduced with the idea and this product where you can have a laptop riser or stand with a fan in it, along with speakers, and 4 additional USB ports. I can't stop thinking about having one, however I'd really only want one worth getting if all of those qualities that were being advertised were great.

So my questions are:

1) Does a product that raises/tilts you laptop a bit with a fan inside along with speakers and preferably but not too important USB hub exist? One with very decent to really great speakers and a somewhat quiet fan?

2) If no, it does not exist, can someone direct me to a raiser/stand with the best fan? Best fan as in does not produce too much noise while being very efficient at cooling at the same time, I don't care if it's more expensive, I just need it.