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I have everything oc'd the crap'd outta. Nothing recently, but I may be running android emulators soon as I'm trying to decide if I wanna take the plunge of learning java.

But I've read that the r9 295x2 can draw 500 watts, and the 5820k oc'd can draw up to 300 watts. Plus I have two swiftech pumps. I got an 850 seasonic in there right now. So if 850 is all I need I have one right now.

I had a 1250 seasonic that got burnt up.

What about the mobo?

I've also considered crossfiring with a 2nd 295x2 but it may be hard to find a match for my card anymore. So If I got a 2nd card I'd need 32 lanes + 4 for my m.2 drive.

Look I may or may not need it but I like it loool.
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