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i have the same problem. cards are evga 06G-P4-4995 sc+ an a 06G-P4-4996 ftw. both with new bios all modded bios here are older, 84.00.32 or 36 and dont working --> black screen.
modded bios tweaker guide with the stock bios not working.
is not possbile overclocking the gpu with msi afterburner. the settings non accepted, only overclocking memory. but by overclocking the memory, the gpu clock drop from 1139 mhz to 1050 mhz, gpu at 1 volts. my assumption is any hidden powerlimit, that not show in bios tweaker. the showing powerlimit in modded stock bios are 425W. the vgpu are able modding to 1,281 v. but then the gpu clock doesnt go over 980 mhz.

any an idea?

stock bios

other stock bios

modded other stock bios