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Hi guys, got this card on sale recently and having some trouble with factory OC.

I've not actually attempted to modify anything yet, but I noticed quite quickly that I was getting pixel sized multicoloured dots following contours in images on my desktop and in games, just with the factory OC. It's not overheating, drivers are 372.54.

I am reluctant to return the card, as it was the last one in stock, so no replacement possible.

I was looking at a custom bios to underclock, or try to find a solution at least. I'm a little confused because the bios file reports different speeds to the official spec sheet... but i'm not very experienced with this, so could anyone assist in analysing the bios file and maybe help me get the card stable? I'm not too fussed about an overclock, just something to stop artifacting, I don't really understand what im doing when attempting to modify the bios file myself in maxwell bios tweaker, figured i'd probably just end up bricking it. thumb.gif

I found a later version of my bios at techpowerup, but again, don't really know if its safe to just drop the latest version bios onto the card, and didnt really understand the values in it too well.

I've attached my factory bios.

Thanks guys really appreciate the help with this! 152k .zip file