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Hello forum users, i've got a quick question i need assistance with please. I'm using a Asus X99A-II motherboard (also Asrock X99X Killer 3.1 has same issue) and have spent so many hours trying to understand why OC'ing 8gb x4 (32gb set) of ram is so difficult. The ram im using is a 32gb set of 4 sticks ADATA 2800 DDR4. Also have tried a few sets of Gskill 32gb sets all with about equal results and im guessing regardless of which manufacture of ram ive used, i **THINK** the ram IC's were all the same as to why my OCing ventures were all similiar redface.gif .... My question is this: In the bios of either board there is an option called "BCLK FREQUENCY : DRAM FREQUENCY RATIO" If i set that to 100:100 all ram speeds work up to 2400 speeds, anything i apply faster then 2400 using 100:100 setting will not boot. IF i change that setting too 100:133 then ram speeds work up to 2700, then its like i hit a brick wall and even my 2800 speed ram will not POST. Why do i need to have a 133 divider to have ram work, I always thought it was better to have everything equal... meaning 100 : 100??? Also, before someone says im adjusting a cpu strap I AM NOT.... this is not changing multi on cpu... this is dram speeds only. Also, i have adjusted my SA voltage to no avail, and played with most things to get ram speed up to 3000, unless you know a secret, I cant get machine to post with anything above 2700 worriedsmiley.gif . Appreciate any feedback on this 100 : 133 divider question