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Get external USB3 enclosure with JBOD function. Stay away from proprietary RAID boxes.

If you want redundancy of any sort you can do that in two ways.

1. Simplest. Add simple duplicator running in the background that will take care of moving data between drives.

2. More expensive, but also miles more robust. Consider drive pooling. It can -technically- offer infinite levels of redundancy if you can provide enough storage. Look no further than StableBit Drivepool (+get SB Scanner to monitor stuff). It's one off 40$ expense, but worth every cent and then some on top of that. Since I unshackled myself from RAID inflexibility I couldn't be more happy.

Drive pooling has only one drawback - performance. But it can be solved by using SSD as cache. Except that one little detail it's supremely good way of archiving stuff without breaking the bank which trounces any RAID configuration by galaxy length.