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[Build Log] - MasterCase Pro 5 - Ragnarok [COMPLETE]

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Hi guys,

First time posting on these forums! Figured I'd like to share my work with you all seeing as I draw quite a lot of inspiration from this community.

This build really means quite a lot to me as I started this project when I was in the process of being made redundant from a job that I had been at for quite a while and this project really kept me on my feet whilst I just signed my new contract 2 days prior to posting this (yay! biggrin.gif). I chose the name Ragnarok because quite a few parts have changed and died during this build so as Nordic mythology goes, what perishes in flames is thus born anew. All of the MSI parts I bought for this build died so I placed an MSI dragon decal on the SSD covers as homage to them.

A link to the rigbuild: http://www.overclock.net/lists/display/view/id/6578781

Here is a picture fresh as of 26 August 2016.

I am posting pics of the build quite late into the build, the majority of parts have been installed and I am now working on a few more tweaks whilst waiting for more parts to arrive.

So to the gritty, I chose a RX 480 build as my friends had a lengthy conversation with me regarding card choice after the R9 MSI card I bought prior to the 480 RMA'ed. After googling crossfire RX 480's I didn't find many results so I thought I'd try venture into the expanse and build something slightly unique. After getting my payout I ended up buying the second 480, moving from my original 1150 socket to a 1151 with a new ROG board (which I have always wanted ^.^), 6700K CPU and DDR4 RAM.

Crossfire RX 480's on EK nickel blocks. Need to get some backplates, JP Computer Solutions were out of stock.

The cooling was a bit of an experiment to begin with where I bought a Pacific 120 starter kit; however most of you would know that watercooling tends to get a bit out of control and you end up blowing the bank... I'm now running a front mounted 360 rad and a top mounted 280 (this took a solid day of dremelling and messing around with to get a proper fit). Both rad's run a push pull configuration having RIING SP fans as intakes and airflow fans for exhaust.

One of my main focuses of this build up until I killed the MSI Z97 Gaming 5 mother board was trying to learn how to cool my pc below ambient. I currently have a small TEC underneath the CPU waterblock that I salvaged out of a usb mini fridge and soldered onto a usb wire to draw power from the motherboard rather than tempting fate by drawing power from the PSU (I blew my first TEC like that /sigh doh.gif) The 6700k is currently running at roughly 15-20*C on idle with the TEC running.

I'll be posting more pics and info soon.

Let me know what you guys think.

Thanks for reading thumb.gif
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I really like this build! I love the green and black theme going on, and the name is really nice for it. thumb.gif

One question though, is it possible to change the LED to green instead of the blue color? and do you plan to overclock the CPU?
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I currently have 2M of white LED's running through the case, they look a bit blue in the pic though. I am planning on ordering two strips of UV LED's as I have just ordered some Mayhems laser green UV reactive dye. Probably turn the white LED's off after I install the UV's and keep them for work lights.

I would like to OC the CPU. I have used the ROG BIOS OC wizard though i ended up overheating the CPU with a 15% increase. Temps were in the high 80's on idle. I'm hoping that when I receive the monoblock, I'll run the build without the TEC and see if I can manage the 15% OC.
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high 80's on idle?! That doesn't sound right..

Did you check how much voltage the OC Wizard was actually pushing to the CPU? Pushing too much voltage to the CPU would cause it to idle in the high temps like that, but even on a custom water cooling like you have, there should be no reason why it gets that high.

In general, I've never really had any luck with OC wizards, it's always better to do it yourself by gradually pushing up the base clock 50Mhz at a time, and then stress testing with Prime95. Keep doing that until you crash, and then you can bump up the voltage just a little bit. Rinse and repeat until you have a decent temps. I wouldn't go higher than 35-40C idle. Also, I wouldn't push the voltage past 1.35 Volts, but with a custom water cooling loop like you have, you could get away with 1.4 Volts, if you like to live on the dangerous side. biggrin.gif

EDIT: Another thing I just thought of, which may be a bit silly, but did you take off the plastic on to your CPU waterblock? as crazy as it sounds, I've seen some people forget to take it off. doh.gif
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I can't remember what the exact voltage was but i think it was around the 1.3 range. Something was definitely wrong when I used the OC wizard.

Currently using the ROG Duel Intelligent Processors 5 app I have messed around with it and used the built in wizard as well as some minor tweaking. I currently have the CPU running on 1.312V / 43 ratio for 4.328GHz which seems to stable at 26*C whilst on the net and doing admin work. I'm certainly not the best OC'er but I'd love to use this rig once complete to get my head around the OC scene.

I most certainly have removed the plastic on the waterblock lol! I'm actually really curious to see a few things when I get the monoblock... I'll be removing the TEC and running just the block for a while. I'll also head down to Jaycar and get a new peltier and see if i can remove the current one from the USB switch I have it soldered on to and see if I can use a higher powered peltier drawing power from USB. Obviously not going to use this rig, managed to build a test bench out of my old parts.
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Do you think it could be possible that the OC Wizard isn't a static Overclock? instead it could be possible that its a dynamic overclock.

I really don't know, just spit balling ideas biggrin.gif
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Honestly, I wouldn't be able to give a good answer as I have pretty limited exposure to OC software.

I think the best OC BIOS based software was waaaay back when I was running dual 8800gts's on a core 2 duo I think it was. Using the ASUS easy AI overclock I pushed it up to a 20% OC with no heat issues using an ASUS Lion Square... the best heatsink ever made IMO

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Update - 30 August 2016

Today I have ordered some aesthetic parts to really tie in the green / black build from PC Case Gear.

Should receive the parts in a day or two.

Later tonight I'll be uploading images of the build log I took a while ago.
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Update - 01 September 2016

Just received my order from PC Case Gear!

I am a little disappointed that the Cablemod black / green cables aren't as bright green as I thought they were but nonetheless they still look sexy!

Received notification that my monoblock will be arriving tomorrow. This weekend should see the majority of internal work completed.

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Looking good man! thumb.gif

Those green SATA cables are so sexy imo. yeah, those green cable mod cables are a bit disappointing, maybe you can return them and get a refund or something?

Also, sorry about not responding as much as I would like, I've been dealing with post-surgery recovery and things of that nature. Will try to do a better job! biggrin.gif
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