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i used g400s 4 years ago and didn't played game for years but now i'm playing game again. i tried g400s but my wrist felt painful.

so i started to use other mice.

i used

zowie ec2a/fk1+/za13/fk2

logitech g400s/g500/g9x/g303/g402/g502/g900

mionix castor

steelseries rival 300

roccat kone pure

razer deathadder

finalmouse classic ergo

madcatz rat pro s

but none of them felt comfortable.

fk2 was great but i used claw grip and when i use this. i need to use fingertip grip. that made my shot inaccurate.

fk1+ was a littlebit big. and ec2a was not comfortable for me.a little space was left when i grabbed it and that made me uncomfortable.

za13 was too small and the back of the mouse felt bad for me. feeling like pushing small mountain with my hand.

move to logitech, g400s made my wrist so painful. also did g500. i didn't like the shape of g303. i couldn't adapt to it.

g402 was big for me. also did g502. g900 was not comfortable too. so big butt..

mionix castor was not good. it forced me to grab it want to and it was uncomfortable.

rival 300 was a little big for me. i'd like a little small one with same shape.

kpm was too small and the edge on right side was awful.

deathadder, same as ec2a. little space left.

finalmouse classic ergo was good but the edge of rightside made my finger uncomfortable.

rat pro s was great if it didn't have a third button.

i have 18/11cm handsize and use clawgrip. recently. using fingertip grip because of fk2.

i ordered dm1 pro s and hope it to be good but if it isn't, i need your help.

i couldn't find a mouse that made me comfortable.

i'm planning to try asus strix claw/dm2 comfy(or mionix naos)/g pro/fk1/za12/finalmouse tournament.

are there any suggestions not in the list?

or if there's not good one, please let me know.

sorry for poor english skills. i really do need help. i'm tired using so many mice.