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Hey all. I've had my qnix qx2710 for about 7 months now and have loved using it during the time. Last night I realized a vertical blue line going down the left side of the panel. I have disassembled my monitor before so that is what I have done this time as well. I have unplugged the LVDS cables from the panel itself and plugged them back in only to still see the blue line. I am worried to remove the other ends of the LVDS cables from the circuit board (I believe it's called a t-con board). I don't want to force the cable from its secured location and break anything.

Here are some images of my removed cables with the other ends still in tact with the t-con board.

Can some one confirm with me that these are safe to remove. I'm hoping that I do not have an issue with my panel and that it is just a cable issue. Also I would appreciate it if someone could explain how to remove these cables as when I tried removing them myself, I felt too much resistance. Thank you so much.