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FX 6300 OC Voltage issue

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Good day everyone, I hope to find a somewhat reliable resolution as I havent found an issue like this (Or I havent worded the search correctly)

My Setup - FX 6300 with Hyper T4 cooler
G-Skills Sniper 8GB (2x4GB) 1600MHz RAM
Gigabyte GA 78LMT-USB3 Rev 6
Sapphire Toxic R9 270X 2GB
EVGA 500W 80+ PSU

My Dilemma is that when I check via CoreTemp, my voltage is at 1.25V. For whatever reason, I cant seem to adjust voltage in BIOs or, it doesnt stick. However, if I use Overdrive, the voltage will stay until I restart or wake the PC up from sleep mode. I have disabled CnC mode, APM as well as a few other features that this guide instructed ---> http://www.overclock.net/t/1348623/amd-bulldozer-and-piledriver-overclocking-guide-asus-motherboard

I did manage to get a stable OC of 4.3, but I set the frequencies via BIOs and ran Overdrive to adjust voltages. Maybe I am missing something, I may have not mentioned some details as I cannot remember every step I took. I know my BIOs listed a few Voltage control options, one is NB, one is RAM and I forget the other off hand.

Any help is appreciated as I hope to (provided I can keep the temps below dangerous levels) OC my CPU to 4.5 so that I can somewhat reliably play Arma 3.

PS: Any help besides 'Her der git a better rig, scrub'.
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Take a few pics of your bios screen settings. That will help more than anything in providing reliable advice.
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I reset to defaults last night, did you want just stock pictures?
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It doesn't matter, just need to see what options are actually there to give advice. thumb.gif
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Pulled these from google but I can confirm this is what my BIOs and MITs looks like. My camera is quite crappy on my iPod, hope these will do.
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Set LLC to medium or equivelent

Disable C1e, C6, APM, C&Q

Set your CPU clock to 4000MHz

Set Your NB clock to 2200MHz

Disable Core Boost Performace

Leave CPU Freq at 200MHz

Set your HT Freq to 2400MHz

Manually set your memory to all of its stock settings and speeds

Enable Voltage control

Set your NB Volts to 1.20V

DDR to stock

CPU to 1.275v

CPU NB 1.20v

Looks like there may be one more Voltage option i cant see.

If this boots download HWinfo64 and take a few screenshots so we can see some numbers.

1st shot after 10 min of idle monitoring

2nd shot near the end of a 10 min session while under full load. Use a stress test like P95 or intel burn test or AMD Overdrive has one if you dont have the others. This is mainly to see temps and voltage droop. Pay attention to temps and min/max Voltages. Sometimes HWinfo labels things improperly but its easy to deduce if you know what you are looking for. Temps above 60 and 70 'C are cause for concern but not panic. Temps above 80'c and you should probably stop the test and we can examine your cooling solutions.

The 3 most important temps to monitor are the CPU core temp...the CPU socket temp (usually found under motherboard heading) and the Motherboard VRM temps.

Primary voltage to look at is the CPU Vcore coltage which should be around 1.275...it will droop lower than that when running under load. Keep records of how low the min is as that is more often than not your threshold number. You must get the min high enough to keep the CPU from faulting during stress testing. LLC is one way to help combat Vdroop but it has side effects that generally increase voltage and temps. Voltages below 1.425 or so are fairly safe as long as your cooling is adequate. Values above that and you are offically above the turbo voltage these chips get naturally. It can still be safe but its a matter of the quality of your board and cooling as to how much and how long you can push them above the norms it is designed to see.

Good luck, ill wait for more pics. thumb.gif
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I havent began to run the test yet as I see that the voltage, once again, has reset to 1.250. I set it to 1.290 in Bios (as it was the closest choice to 1.275) and yet still, it resets (according to all other software) back at 1.250.

If I use Overdrive, I can up the voltage and it will stick, until I either restart the PC or wake it up from sleep.

I will attempt a test at the low voltages and present a screencap of it too providing I dont get a BSOD.

>>In regards to cooling, I mentioned in the original post that im running a Hyper T4. My temps at stock with stock cooler ranged from 45C to 66C under laod. With the new cooler, im at 21C reaching 50C under load at 4.0GHz with Prime95 as well as gaming (I just finished a run through of the BF1 Beta)

Standby for more photos

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Update: I ran P95 and immediately froze. Core 2 and Core 5 failed. I could see Core Temp in the bottom right stating I was (and am still) at 1.250V
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Bump it 2 clicks till your cores are actually running at 1.275v and try again.

Also make sure you are using Prime 95 v 27.9 as opposed to the most recent ones. They can be found on the web site under previous versions. Its more reliable for FX chips.
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