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Excellent. Now do the exact same test but change your CPU core voltage to 1.40v in the bios and see if your numbers change. Also monitor your temps. You should be well within both your voltage and thermal limits at 1.400v and you will very likely require more than that for a substantial overclock. However, the main thing we want to see is if the voltage to the chip changes with the number you set manually. For now leave your clock speed at stock 3.5ghz for stability.

Take those same pics again and post em here so we can examine them.
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Note how in those photos your cores are set to 1.275v at stock but you actaully only get 1.272v or less

And under load you are getting about a 0.05v droop. Your load line calibration setting may help fix that some, but its fine and completely normal behavior for now.
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Update: Nothing has been altered since I posted those screen caps, nothing has been running besides Firefox and I left for about 20 mins only to return to a 'Windows has recovered from a serious error - Blue screen'

I hope that something hasnt been irreversibly damaged
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Just did as you mentioned, on Idle the voltage did not rise from where it was.

Started P95, still not change.

Going into AMD Overdrive and manually upping voltages does, however, work and is readable by Core Temp as well as HWinfo
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That is very odd, and confirms that manually setting your voltage in the BIOS is being over ridden by something.

None of the voltages you have set or speeds you have run are outside the stock settings during Turbo boost. It is extremely unlikely that anything has been damaged. Your temps as far as i can tell have all been well below what is considered normal for the set up. Again, temps in the 60's CPU and 70's Socket are where you likely want to slow down and take a step back if you are planning on running that OC 24/7....a brief stress test at those temps is not likely to be a death toll for any board but maybe one so sub par you shouldn't be overclocking with it anyways. Temps in the 80's on any part of your motherboard/socket should definitely be ended once they hit that and better cooling set ups explored as a precaution, but are still very unlikely to damage any high quality board under a brief test.

There is always a possibility of hardware failure with any set up, even at stock speeds. OCing increases these risks marginally if at all when done properly with proper cooling. That being said, software corruption is always a possibility when pushing OCing, and can cause your OS to become unstable or even lock up entirely.

It is always highly recommended that you have proper back up files and never OC on a system that is mandatory for daily use, as the possibility it can be out of service from a few hours to a few days is always there. If problems persist even at stock settings that were once stable, i would consider a clean install of your OS as a possible solution. Data corruption is usually the result of bad ram overclock in my experience, but a CPU failing P95 that runs unstable for too long can also cause it. It is why you should always do a brief stress as soon as you try new settings to ensure some level of stability before running the system at large, and do more aggresive stress testing once you feel you have things dialed in before using it 24/7

I will be on tomorrow if you have more questions or i think of anything else you might try. for now id keep things at stock minus the turbo and power saving features and see what happens. Run it a day or 2 and do several P95 stress tests as well as maybe a memory diagnostic test in windows. This will give you an idea of how it performs at 3.5GHz and you can collect some benches to see how your performance improves once we figure out how to get your voltages working properly for OCing.

Good Luck! thumb.gif

Ps...i have had to do a clean install of W10 twice on my serenity build in the last 3 months while figuring out a ram overclock. It has put my rig out of commish for close to 8-24 hours both times. It happens. Its a pain in the ass. But its a risk ive been willing to take on occasion. My CPU OCing has never been as finicky but it can happen.
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I suggest reading through this page and all related content thoughly.


You are very unlikely to get a great Overclock on this board, but a minor one is definitely possible.

To start with, I'd shoot for getting it stable at Turbo speeds on all 6 cores with the sub-threshold temps i mentioned above. It will be hard to squeeze much more out of the 4+1 powerphase in most cases. I was only able to get to about 4.2GHz stable on a similar quality board with my FX-6300.

I also see you are rocking a duel Bios on this board and it may be related to your issues with OCing. Do some research on the duel BIOS and read your manual regarding how it works on this board.
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with AMD Overdrive, I managed to get an OC of 4.3GHz a few days ago. It was stable during a 12 hour P95 test. However, after every system restart, I had to reset my OC settings via Overdrive.
I mainly wanted to OC for Arma 3 as I currently only get about 22FPS in multiplayer, no matter the graphic settings.

Seems as though that Arma and AMD do no get along, I may end up getting another build with an i5 way into the future. We'll see.

thanks for your help, ill try out some more tomorrow and see what options I have.

so far it seems either manual adjustments via Overdrive after every boot up OR BIOs update which im reluctant as I have never done one before (will be googling my brains out tonight on it though)
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They are fairly painless if you have a empty USB stick. Most can be done in the BIOS itself which is safer than in an OS. Just download the update to the USB, boot into the BIOS and follow the set up menu instructions for flashing the bios.

Also the stability on the CPU isnt the problem when OCing on mid grade boards. You may have tons of headroom on your CPU but it is the motherboard itself that will fail due to excessive heat to the VRMs. Be very careful to monitor temps of your motherboard when OCing above 4.1GHz and using more than 1.40v...your processor may have plenty of room, but running the VRMS well above 80'C will likely end poorly in the long run if done 24/7
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I ran 4.3 on 1.32V and it was stable in P95 and Arma 2 Dayz as well as Arma 3 (finally reached 30FPS minimum biggrin.gif)

That said, I ill use Hwin during some gameplay over the next while after/during gameplay to get a more detailed analysis of my Mobos temps

I dont distrust your words, but I picked this Mobo exclusively for its price and for its reviews of people saying it is a great OC'er. It has a crap ton of Heatsinks all over it but I may just invest in a bunch of fans to help keep the rig at a lower temp.

Ill run some extra tests tonight/tomorrow and get back to you on stability
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No idea what I did or what happened but I restarted my computer and Core Temp, AMD OD as well as Hwin are stating that my voltage has finally stabilized at 1.875. I set an OC of 3.6 and upped the voltage to that, then restarted. Actually stayed this time . . .

Not sure why this time but ok . . .
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