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I sure hope that is a typo...1.875 is beyond the limits considered safe for all but perhaps LN2 testing.
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Yes it is, sorry. 1.2750. This is why I dont do computer tweaking when im tired lol

Power went out last night, came back to find computer off. Everything was fine but all my CPU settings were back to stock (guess thats good). Now, however, it will remember voltages set via OverDrive but not clock speeds which is odd as it used to be vice versa.
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I figured. Here is a good thread to read through that has a lot of good advice for a guy with a similar set up.

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So i did some scoping through the thread you mentioned while going through Overdrives features and looking deeper into everything when I think I had the eureka moment.

Turbo is enabled via BIOs but disabled via Overdrive (thanks AMD), upon enabling it, it shows voltage control (for turbo) and it defaults to 1.3625 for 4.1GHz.

This tells me that every single time i've tried to Overclock it to 4.0+ and I get a crash, it was because I never set my voltage high enough to begin with and either the crash was before the data could be saved *OR* due to it crashing, it failsafed to default voltage to save the life of the CPU.

Does that make sense or am I suffering a case of Apophenia?
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UPDATE: I am getting very weird voltage spikes even though in OD as well as in BIOs I have it them set to the exact same settings yet it seems to jump to 1.4V consistently, no matter what adjustments I make

EDIT: Found a second option within OD Turbo controls and it has set the Voltage to 1.4250, so I resolved this issue and it seems to correlate with the consistent prior voltage issue in some way.
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1.425v is the voltage that is used by the FX6300 during turbo mode. If you have stock turbo settings enabled anywhere...you are likely getting cores that clock both in speed and voltage to them.

This is why i mentioned before that you really hadnt surpased the normal limits of what the board pulls. The big difference is that the stock 4.1ghz turbo does not engage on all 6 cores...but it does bump voltage to 1.425v when it is tunning at 4.1ghz on the cores it has put in turbo mode.

Depending on how turbo works and what it is set to compared to your OC base clocks it may even be downclocking your speed. Not sure if its possible to set turbo speed lower than base clock though.
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I had thought that as well but the Voltage originally was 1.3*** (I forget the exact amount) so for it to up itself to 1.4*** is quite startling.

I think i'll try to Flash the BIOs later and come back wiuth results as to if I can get voltage to stick or not. If nothing else, ill just use Overdrive as it seems to be the most consistent with its data

Thanks for all your help so far too, brother. Been nice to have someone along the way
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