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damn, that looks fantastic together @Creizai biggrin.gif

Originally Posted by Sencha View Post

Oooh miss my HHKB! Love that board. Had to sell it as I found the keys too slow for gaming. But so tempted to pick up another now for pure typing pleasure. biggrin.gif

i never really had an issue with my input being too slow, but i guess i can see how something like cherries are, or at least feel faster, especially for rapid repeat presses.
or maybe i just don't play games where fast keyboard presses are required smile.gif

i will say that i do consider the hhkb to be overpriced, especially the silent version. but i don't regret getting mine and i doubt i'll ever get rid of it. i got an aftermarket controller for it that makes it fully programmable. and a PBT spacebar cowboy.gif

here's mine, + big brother realforce:
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Originally Posted by Vikhr View Post

it's not a 3360/3366 lmao

3310 isn't EOL yet

Not sure if this was posted, but the zowie rep posted this on reddit
Trying to see if I can get any kind of timeline or other information
EDIT: At the moment there is no plan to switch to the 3360, but no plan not to. I know we were one of the last to use the 3310 as well.

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To have a commercial product in one single color and release custom made colors for sponsored players is incredibly stupid from a brand recognition point of view
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Unless someone asks about those mice on places like overclock.net
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