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Originally Posted by Nilizum View Post

Ok? But my point was the length of the count as perceived was different. Games using a higher fov with hitboxes sized up feel slower than a game with a lower fov with hitboxes sized down. Knowing your degrees does something I guess, but it's not that big of a deal from different games.

It's your terminology. You should refer the perceived sensitivity in terms of "FOV fraction"
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Originally Posted by yinx View Post

Question time!

So I found this little tool that allows you to practice flick shots (https://srimshady.itch.io/fps-aim-training). I travel a lot with my laptop and I want to use this whenever I have a couple of spare minutes. I figured doing 3 minutes of flick shots a couple of times a day will help my muscle memory. I want to copy my Overwatch settings... I figured the best way to do this is by having the same cm/360. Here are my questions:

- If I use the game windowed, I use a different resolution compared to Overwatch. Will I still be training the correct muscle memory if I retain my cm/360?
- I use a different mouse. Other than my feeling for the mouse (they're similar), will I be training the correct muscle memory still?

I like the idea of training this way, but I don't want to create any bad habits. Would this be a valid method to train muscle memory? I realize the best way is to just fire up Overwatch, but sadly my laptop can't run it.

Here is your answer. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Measure your ingame sensitivity by going into the shooting range. Go up to a wall and position your crosshair on a spot on the wall. Place your mouse on the very left edge of your mousepad and align the left side of your mouse with edge of your mousepad.

Move your mouse to the right till you end up doing a 360 and your crosshair ends up on the same spot you started.

Don't move your mouse, get a ruler or measuring tape and measure the distance your mouse traveled (you moved it to the right so you place the ruler on the left side on your mouse.).

Write it down somewhere 40cm/360 or something like that.

When you play this flick game, alter your ingame sensitivity till you end up on the same cm/360 sensitivity that you have in Overwatch.

It is not optimal to use a different game, but if your laptop can't handle it, you have to work with what you have. Use the same values as in Overwatch for your field of view and your cm/360 . This is as close as you can get to keep your muscle memory. Preferably use the same gaming mouse that you use when playing Overwatch (not switching mice too often also plays a big part of consistency)

Additional rambling Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
I set my cm/360 to the exact same in every game i play using this method. Of course keep in mind that different games, have different mechanics, engines, feel to them. So the same cm/360 might not feel as comfortable when switching from Overwatch to Counter strike, for example.

Different games require different sensitivities based on their pace and game mechanics.

This is why most pros usually only play 1 game when they feel that other games mess with their aim.

So getting good at a game or maintaining consistency is only possible by playing THAT game a lot.

Of course you can be super anal about everything.

But long story short,

If you set your Overwatch cm/360 to the exact same everytime you switch mice and or systems with the method i provided. It should help you to stay consistent. Try to use the same field of view across games as well.

Additional rambling +1 Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
On top of everything, it might be nice to just relax and don't think about games at all for a while and do what you have to do.

Then when you come back it might even help you to perform better with a fresh mind.

For me it always helps to take a few days break, when i come back i usually perform pretty good after 30 minutes of warming up.

You are not gonna **** up your muscle memory by not playing, you do that by playing different games with different sensitivities.

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