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I haven't built a new system for myself since... oh gosh, the i7-950 dropped. eep.
I'm finally in the market for a build and picking each part carefully.

My last case was a Lancool K-62

As you can see, it's loud as heck.
Wanting to go for something with a touch more class this time.
Also, after doing a couple Fractal Define builds for my friends, the lack of build quality in my Lancool became very apparent.

This will be my daily driver, then eventually turned into my file server.

My original thoughts were to go simple with the Fractal Define R5, except it's what, 2 years old?
I keep thinking I'll be kicking myself if they release a R6 with no notice.

I'm not sure if it's just me, but I'm sort of buying into the hype of the tempered glass trend.

The Dark Base Pro 900 has really caught my eye, but it just seems a bit... expensive.
The Phanteks EVOLV has also caught my eye.
The Corsair 750D is also an aging case, but I figured being Corsair, it's built to the nines?

I'll be doing mild overclock at best with only a single GPU, so I don't need to go crazy with the airflow.
Front fans only needed. So a pair of 140mm would be wonderful.

I foster cats, and their dander gets everywhere, I'm airblasting my current case every other week.
Does anybody know how the fan filter density compares?
The denser the filter, the better.

  • Build between now and Christmas
  • Clean classy aesthetic, filters hidden?
  • Glass = nice, but kinda expensive?
  • Fan filtration. More dense = more better

Thanks for your help!!!
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