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Hi guys. I will try to explain here what's going on and I don't really know if it's normal, but I don't think so.

First, on HWMonitor, and CPU-Z, voltage in CPU VCore don't change much, always 1.544 - 1.536, even if I change voltage on the bios, or K10Stat, it does not change, at all. It's strange, but I'm ignoring it because there is another voltage sense that seems be working. It's the VIN4. I measured with a DMM, the voltage seems to be right on the VIN4, and it changes when I change the settings, so it's seems to be working.

Well, next thing is that, the voltage measured it's not the voltage that is on VID. For example, if I set the voltage to 1.4750, the voltage on the CPU goes to 1.520. And not just it, but when load is applied to the CPU, the voltage goes to 1.568, it's about 48mV more with no load, or 93mV more than it's set on VID. For experience, I would expect that the voltage drop a little on load, or not change at all. Maybe you guys can understand it better than me.

As you already can see in the images, I'm running it at 3.6. I set the voltage to 1.4750 on VID, and it's stable, but also is hot, with the thing running at 1.568 on load. From what I see for other people, many run this Phenoms at 1.40-1.45 to 3.6 and 1.52-1.55 to 3.8, and here I'm technically running this at 1.568v to get a almost unstable overclock at 3.6.,2267-5.html,2267-5.html

In the photos, the temps are a little higher than should, because yesterday when I reapplied thermal paste, something didn't work, maybe a air pocket, I don't know, but I measured the temps before it, here is my results:

Mainboard ECS 8200
4x 2GB DDR2 800 Kingstone (Low profile) 6-6-6-18-24
Phenom II 940 BE @NB 1800
Cooler Master Seidon 120v

By the way, my board is a ECS 8200, not a great board, but I modded the VRM with heatsinks and fan above, and I also installed more capacitors. The issues with voltages already was a problem before I modded it, so it's not that the caused this things.

Ambient temps was about 20C.

Test with Prime95, Custom, MinFFT 1344, MaxFFT 1344, FFT In-place, 15 minutes each FFT, 30 minutes on each test.

3.0GHz - 1404mV on VIN4, max load, 39/40C - VID set for 1.350v. Stable
3.6GHz - 1.568mV on VIN4, max load, 48/49C - VID set for 1.475v. Stable
3.7GHz - 1604mV on VIN4, max load, 51/52C - VID set for 1.525v. Unstable, crashed in 2 minutes
3.7GHz - 1616mV on VIN4, max load, 53/54C - VID set for 1.5375v. Unstable, crashed in 10 minutes
3.7GHz - 1632mV on VIN4, max load, 55/56C - VID set for 1.550v. Unstable, crashed in 28 minutes
3.8GHz - 1632mV on VIN4, max load, No Data, - VID set for 1.550v. Crashed in 10 seconds

It seems that I'm getting much less for that much voltage that I'm applying, I was expecting to run it at 1.5V for 3.7, 45/46C load from what I've seem from other overclocks with this phenom, I don't know, but with this other strange issues, I thought that maybe there is something wrong. I planning to test with other motherboard, but all I have here is a M2N-SLI, that is a AM2 board, that work with this processor, but don't have AM2+ features, like HT 3.0, and have a locked northbridge at 1600... Anyway, I can't test with it now because I'm waiting for a thermal paste to arrive, maybe tomorrow, or monday if arrives.

Anyway, thanks rolleyes.gif
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