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My Intel Junk PC

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Posting here because it is an Intel CPU. Possibly this one though I'm not sure exactly. It's got about 1.2gb of DDR ram. The motherboard is a AsRock P4i65G, socket 478, and all the drivers for win 98 to windows xp are still available. Here is the Imgur album.

As you can see, the motherboard doesn't have any PCIe ports. (and I guess, upon further research, socket 478 doesn't even support PCIe or DDR2) The brown slot is an AMR slot. I recently got the DVD drive and floppy drive from a computer that was in the garbage at my apartment. I found an old monitor that had been left at the bottom of the stair well of my apartment building.

Only thing left is to find a video card somewhere. It's currently relying on the Integrated Intel Extreme Graphics 2 for video. A friend of mine has a free 5700 series AMD card, but I'm unsure how I would get that working on this thing. I've thought about using a PCI to PCIe adapter, but that wouldn't be worth the price considering this is a garbage PC that I haven't paid for. And I'm not even sure if it would work.

If I were to buy an AGP video card on ebay, what would be a decently priced card to look out for considering the other specs in this system? Do you think it would be worth it to invest any money in this thing?
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really, you wouldn't want to spend more that £20, and even then, I'd say its not worth it. Though it does depend what you're doing. Best AGP card you could get would be An AGP Radeon HD 4670, and I only seen two at ~ £150 - for that money, you could get a new board, cpu and memory which would probably outperform the lot by a large margin. I did see a HD4650 going cheaper ~£40, but again its money you could chuck at a new motherboard / CPU.

I mean look at this - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Asus-M4A78-EM-AM2-Motherboard-Phenom-X4-9650-2-30GHz-4GB-DDR2-Bundle-/371748580523?hash=item568df12cab:g:aPsAAOSw1KxXMwOG

£55 and you get a whole different class of machine. I think that is the first place you should throw your money at, instead of at a GPU for a too old PC.
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to be absolutely honest, no its not worth putting a dime into that system. thats from way back in windows 2000 days lol, you can purchase you a much better running AMD or Intel system now-a-days for fairly cheap
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Don't spend any money on it unless you really want to play Minesweeper. Your money would be better spent on modern technology.
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