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So ends September 2016 Team Competiton
There was only one change for the category top spot, so here we go.
Let’s say congrats to the category winners for this month.

@superericla of The Big Bang Theorists on regaining the I7 crown (1,626,586 points). Way to go
@giganews35 of Still in Beta on winning GPU-O (23,196,851 points).
@4thKor TBBT on winning GPU-L (15,968,784 points).
@QuietGamer of The PPD Police on winning Nvidia and (7,747,575 points).
@tictoc of Infinity on dominating the AMD once again (9,945,319 points).
@Rayce185 of Still in Beta on winning GPU-Wild (3,992,547 points).

Last months were questions answered:-
Will Rayce185 continue his winning ways? going to be hard with 4thkor rocking that 950 again – Yes he did but was a close one with just ~16K points separating the top 3.
Will @Darthbaggins get his 390X folding stable and into the top 4 of the cat? - come on Mr Baggins! – No, but he did get this GPU rolling near the end of the month, so top 4 October finish looks good for Mr Baggins.
Will@Panther Al get the most out of the 1080 place in the top 5? Ughh, nope – Unfortunately Panther Al left TC frown.gif we hope to see him again in the future.
Will @IXcrispyXI win the battle of the 970’s in GPU-L and also take down @hertz9753 980 in the process? – Nope, Hertz crushed his opponent using his signature headlock and hip toss....internet loss may have helped also rolleyes.gif

The big question from September:
Will The PPD Police recover from the shocking defeat in August and take back the #1 spot from The Big Bang Theorists in September? This race was very close, right up until the last two days of the month when it appears that stability issues hit Still in Beta and YES The PPD Police ran away from the rest of the pack to take 1st place.

Questions for October:

Who will win the battle between the Fury X’s? tictoc has been dominant for so long in this category but he is going up @NBrock who knows how to win.
Will @irda123 GTX1080 become top dog in GPU-O?
How will our newest TC competitors @Kenpachi7 and @King Who Dat fare. BTW - Looking good so far thumb.gif

So begins October 2016 Team Competition.
OK TC folders - Let's do this