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Acer XB270HU letter blurring

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Hello All!

I recently purchased a gtx 1080 and a 6600k Skylake processor after owning my XB270HU for about 4 months now. Recently I have noticed a blur on lettering, not only in games but everywhere. Its a very strange issue and I have not been able to find anything on this. The letters are still readable but have a slight smudge and in some situations aren't readable.

I have tried the following to fix the issue:
1. adjusted all of the settings on the front of the monitor
2. reinstalled video card drivers
3. uninstalled video card drivers, still a blur
4. I returned my video card originally thinking it was the issue but the issue persisted.
5. I installed the drivers for the monitor but windows said I already had the most recent drivers
6. I swapped the monitor with another PC that had the same specs, blurring persisted.
7. I tried my buddys monitor and it had no letter blurring
8. Used another display port cable

There are some other issues that are happening but I had thought these due to GTX 1080 drivers.. now I am unsure. On startup if I am running at 144 HZ I get distortions and lines across the screen that flash on and off. The lettering is flickering and twisting. It is unusable at 144 HZ. If I adjust the settings and lower to 100 HZ it is usable but still has blurring letters.

The monitor I own is a recertified version that I purchased off of acerrecertified.com and is 1 month out of the 3 month warranty.
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Can anyone help? I would describe the display appearing as grainy. Any type of lettering, desktop icons or even letters and numbers in World of Warcraft look almost smudged and hard to read. I am not sure if its an issue with the monitor itself or with the latest GTX 1080 driver although I tried earlier drivers to no avail.
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