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EKWB Predator 240 in Mercury S8

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I know it fits either in front or on top, oriented front-to-back. Anyone know if it fits "across" on the top?

With the pump extension the radiator measures 11.6" long wise per EKWB website, some of which overhangs the non-pump end (fan connections) but most to the pump side. I measure about 1.5" inside clearance from side frame rail to an existing topmount 120mm fan rim, and two 120mm fans are just a hair under 9.5"...so its right at the edge of feasibility.

Anyone? I prefer the side-to-side orientation to preserve forward top space for other purposes, and have a front window not front 240 mount and grill.
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In a S8, it'll fit without problem top mounted, heck in my S8S it should fit.
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Sorry to sound really particular, but are you confirming it fits side-to-side, across the 2 available fan mount positions, not front to back across the 3-available positions?
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Front to back will work, side to side won't I can't imagine because of the gap between the area's

This is just one of the available top mounts you can buy for the S8 / S8S and they are all bascially the same with regards to Side to Side, going the green arrow direction you would have no problem, going red and you'll have issues without you not doing some sort of modification to the panel. Another option though if your willing to do the work would be to buy just a blank panel and cut the holes out of it. A blank mount will run you 20.00 http://www.caselabs-store.com/s8-and-s8s-drop-in-top-radiator-mounts/

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01
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I really should have clarified, I currently have the 120.3 x 2 (non drop-in) top mount face.

Now that I think of it I'm being a bit thick, aren't I? I forget there was a gap between the mounted 120mm fans side-to-side that there wasn't front-to-back (since the case *could* fit 2x140mm fans across in the same span). So bottom line I think there's definitely room for the installation to 'fit', the case is 14.5" or so (exterior) in width, and the frame and sides certainly don't cost you 3" out of that width total. But as you point out the issue is going to be mounting compatibility and fan or radiator occlusion, since the EKWB 240 has the fans in contact and the extra sizing (cable plugs at one end, pump at the other) outside....its really designed to align with the front-back 120.3 positioning on my top panel.

Slight bummer.

Looks like they also have a 120.2/140.2 x 2 top mount (but even that doesn't seem to force the 140mm fans against one another side-to-side), or a blank plate I could use to cut out my own opening on if I absolutely insisted, but probably best to just assume I have to go front-to-back after all. I think I can still manage to make things work out but I might wait a little longer to see how my front spacing issues work out before upgrading from my current single 120mm fan AIO (which uses the rear case fan hole not the top).

Thanks again all.
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