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Hello guys,
I have requirements
Gigabyte G-970-GAMING Motherboard
FX6300 Processor + TX3 EVO cooler
GTX Gigabyte 1060 G1
Ram DOMINATOR Platinium 2x 8gb 1866 CL9
Power supply ThermalTake modular 730W 87% efficiency
SSD Samsung 850EVO 250GB
WD Blue 1tb
Front cooler Nochtua 12 and also one more front cooler 8, back cooler 8 2000 rpm

I have problem, when want to overclock CPU with EasyTune can go to 4.3 Ghz but its CPU-z shows from 3800-4300 its not stable speed 4300.
When I want to OC manually cant do that because its failed at 4.0 Ghz from many OC instructions from web.

Can someone tell me exact OC for this configuration to be on 4.3Mhz stable?

Thanks in advance...