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For the last week my ASUS X99-E WS 3.1 workstation refuses to boot into Windows.
  1. Board Posts and shows ASUS Splash Screen
  2. Displays "Preparing Automatic Repair" while displaying "b1" on the Q-code lcd panel
  3. Reboot

I have tried various combinations of the following-
  • Removing Overclock
  • Loading Optimized Defaults
  • Booting from a USB flash drive containing Windows 10 made by Windows Media Creation Tool and Rufus
  • Booting from a USB flash drive containing Ubuntu
  • Booting from a DVD containing Windows 7
  • Reverting to an older BIOS
  • Re-flashing the BIOS with the latest version
  • Changing Launch CSM to Auto, Enabled and Disabled
  • Changing Secure Boot OS Type from Windows UEFI mode to Other OS and then clearing the keys
  • Clearing the Secure Boot keys and installing them again
  • Removing all attached SATA drives
  • Removing NVME M.2 drive
  • Removing all USB devices except for keyboard and flash drive

I Memtest 86+ found no issues with the RAM.

A couple times I was able to receive a "IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL" BSOD. Unfortunately, I don't remember what combination of steps resulted in that outcome.

Has anyone experienced a preparing automatic repair boot loop with a b1 Q-code error? My setup has been working for about 9 months without this issue. Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for reading my post!

Complete System Hardware -
  • ASUS X99-E WS 3.1
  • Intel Core i7-5930K
  • Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR4-3200 Memory
  • Samsung 950 PRO 256GB M.2-2280
  • Gigabyte GeForce GTX 970 4GB WINDFORCE
  • EVGA GTX 760+
  • Corsair 760W 80+
  • 2 x Solid State Drives
  • 5 x Hard Drives

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